Will not load after activating data


Congrats on the software, it looks great. I started downloading some data, had about 75% of a 20ish gb download complete when I had a blue screen of death. Not blaming the programme but none the less. I downloaded the data again. I have gone to activate it, and now the loading screen (the small quotes from confucius and alike) hangs every time I load the programme. Now the programme will not open.

Any ideas? I’d really like to give it a test drive


Welcome to the forum, mrmfx!

BSOD may have caused broken download files, so the best way to try to fix it is to delete old broken data set and redownload it again. I see no other solutions here.
You can locate your data at %APPDATA%/ForexSimulator or at a place you moved your downloads if you changed program data folder.

Please contact me via Telegram if you get the same error again.