Trendline inconsistency reappeared

Hi Max
After you solved this problem previously, this has happened again and trendlines in different windows are not consistent

Please note the pink line in both windows

Thank you, will check tomorrow.

Tried to reproduce but everything works fine on my side:

Can you please select them so that I can see their base points?

It is drawn correctly now :slight_smile: but I tried it several times yesterday and it was inconsistently shown on 1Min timeframe

I can fix that only if I find a way to reproduce error conditions.
Please tell me if you can do it.
I will leave it in the discussion mode until that moment.

Sure, I will let you know immediately if I experience it again

hi Max

This problem happens when I draw the trendlines for the first time after I open the simulator

Thank you!
It’s an important information.
Please tell me if you draw the very first line past the rightmost bar or before it?

Sorry Max, I do not understand what you mean :slight_smile:

I draw the line using points A and B and extend it to the right

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OK, your screenshot is enough, thank you :slight_smile:
I’ve just installed a 4K monitor, so I will first make the product work at high resolutions, then I will go for this bug.

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It does not have anything to do with the first trendline, even after some hours this problem persists

Thank you Max :slight_smile:

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Does this problem persists for all lines or just for the very first trendline?
What happens after you restart the application?

  1. It persists for all lines especially when it is drawn in the higher timeframe and is displayed incorrectly on the lower timeframe

  2. Nothing changes even after I restart the program, the problem still exists

Thank you for the detailed explanation, it really helped to spot the bug.

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