Trailing Stop and Percentage Position Issue

1.The trailing stop issue is not working, should close my position after the amount of pips in profit not from the stop loss.

  1. The Percentage position Size doesnt work either, should place a percentage stop loss of my account anywhere I set my stop loss

Attached are some photos of the issue.

Hi Alvin, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Central input (with 2% at your screenshot) is for position size/order volume.
It means that if you enter 2% into it, it will place an order with margin equal to about 2% of your balance.

Stop loss input calculates percentages of your position, not of your account balance or margin.
I wonder if I correctly understand you, but stop loss in your case must be negative because you lose money if you sell at that point with this SL level.

I have the same problem / suggestion. When I place the SL, I want my risk to always be 0.5% of my balance but it never calculates it well, in fact, I don’t know what it is currently calculating. For example, I’m now using 0.5% of a 100K account, that means $500, but is risking $1,210. I wish this would work correctly.


If there is another way of doing what I am asking please tell me, since the simple fact of wanting to take the risk by percentage is quite tedious. I attach another example, I want to get 0.5% in EURJPY but to just risk $500 I have to place 0.0024% and if it will place 0.5% it would be 120K of risk, which is more than a 100K account, it does not make sense to me.

Hello mtschulnigg and sorry for the late reply.
When you enter something into the central field, it means order volume which is calculated depending on account balance, it’s not “risk”.
To set amount of risk, enter percents into stop loss field in the right trading window, this way you will get automatically calculated stop loss levels when creating orders.

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