Text Box Isn’t Working

When I analyze I use the text box tool! Whenever I click on the text box it gives me a huge white box that covers up the screen, you can’t even click on it or move it. Then a system error comes up and says something like missing font! Then you HAVE to abort and restart the whole program.

Welcome to the forum, Diamondsxjewels!

Thank you for the report.
Please update to the most recent version - this bug is fixed here.

Speaking honestly, it’s not a “bug”, you just entered a missing font face name “WH” and the font selection became broken because of it.
You should enter a Segoe UI into the font face input, then it will be applied to all next text boxes automatically.

Okay great! How do I manutally update? I honestly thought updates were automatic. Thank you for the speedy response Max

Updates aren’t automatic for security reasons: I don’t want to allow hackers to access users’ computers if they break into my website.
I will add automated updates after I find a way to make it safe.

On the other hand, checking for updates is automatic, you just need to click the “Download” button when you get the message.
If you want to check for updates manually, please click to Help -> Check for updates menu item.