Programs stalls after last update

As menitoned in the header. After the last update the program stalls a lot. At first I thougt it only stalls when using the fibonacci tool. But now it starts to stall a lot more even by just letting the simulation run.

Hi Brent,

Thank you for the report!
I will try to run it now, hope I will find the reason.
Can you please tell me more details?
Something specific you did before it stalled?
What data set do you use?

Best regards,
Max Pastukhov

Also please tell me what version of the product do you use.
Are you sure it’s the most recent one?

Hello , the version is v.3.1.7226.6612

I use dataset nog running EUR/JPY

Thank you.

How much trades do you have?
What type? (market/limit)
Can you please send your simulation file to

I still can’t reproduce the bug, can you please shoot a short video?