Pop up box bottom missing

When opening the program a pop up box comes up but half of the text in the box is cut off.

Also when trying to download specific pairs from the data column. The bottom half is also missing and cannot scroll to the bottom.

These are the only two areas in which I am having issues with every other pop up is fine.

Attached are two photos that I am trying to explain

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What is this? I have the same problem…((((

Welcome to the forum, Jimmy.

Thank you for the bug report!

Welcome to the forum, Perse!

Fixed the bug:


I just updated the program but it is still the same

thank you

Hello Jimmy,

Please tell me a version of the product - you can find it at Help - About dialog.
Also please post a new screenshot here as well. Not just the window, but the whole screen - I need it to find your screen dimensions in order to perform the test.


Hi, here are two screen shots… I hope these are what you have asked :slight_smile:

Please send me a screenshot of the window with missing buttons as well.

I’ve just released an updated version.
Please update and tell me if you see any difference.

Finally found the bug, please wait for 30 minutes until I fix it :slight_smile:

Finally fixed and tested, please update :slight_smile:

wahhaayyy. got there in the end.
just updated it and everything is looking perfect now :smiley:


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