Partial Closing of orders under same order number


I would like to be able to take partials of an open order and the total trade number be based on the actual order number rather than the partial I make on a trade. So for example, right now if I make one trade and once it’s in profit, I partial out certain percentages of the trade and move stops, the program counts that as separate wins on separate trades. I would like the program to keep those partial under one order and then from there calculate the win/loss %. Right now when I close a partial order it classifies it as a win of it’s own when it’s really apart of a previous trade and I’m just adding on profits. Or allow me to set partial profits with x% or lots taken out at each price level.
Hopefully this all makes sense and can be added promptly. It would be nice to not have to go back and calculate by hand, my REAL win %.

Thank you