Not receiving the converted mq4-file

Hi Max
Last friday I would try your mql4-converter, so I placed a test-file called ‘Wave-angle-indicator.mq4’ in the MQL-folder, and noticed that it apparently got uploaded.
Unfortunately I havn’t received the converted file yet (wednesday).
Kind regards

Hi Niels,

Sorry, I failed to convert it automatically so I put it on hold for a few days.
I need to invest several hours into it, so I’m just waiting for a “window” in my current tasks for it.

Technically speaking, I can convert about 95% of indicators I get but there are some problems with their display especially when there are poorly documented features like two-array bars, for example.

So, each time I need not only to “debug” but try to understand how it was intended to work in the first place :slight_smile:
And, each time I change some behavior, I need to ensure that it doesn’t break existing code and already converted indicators.
It’s more an art than “debugging” :slight_smile:

On the other hand, the more I do that, the less “gray areas” I meet, so I expect to convert almost 100% of indicators I get pretty soon, in several weeks.

Hi Max
I certainly understand you have embarked on a tough job. Respect!
And as you probably understood, I was just testing and in no real need of the converted file.