MQL indicator converter

Finally :slight_smile:

It took me 3 weeks instead of 2 to finish it because this task had a lot of details. I was forced to develop an encrypted communication service to make sure that your indicators are safe, to a tool for bulk testing and polishig indicators and optimizing their performance, adding missing functions into the product, etc. On the other hand, this work made it possible to develop EA/automated backtesting which I plan to launch at the end of the next week.

For the next 2 weeks I will personally check each of the converted indicators to make sure that they works flawlessy. That’s why they all will display “conversion may take up to 48 hours” initially. I just don’t want to ship buggy code.

Only after I reach 90% conversion rate, I will switch the conversion service to the fully automated mode.

Here are more details on how to use the conversion service:

Please be patient: some of the first indicators you send me may actually require these 48 hours to convert :slight_smile: