Mouse movements causes dates/qoutes changes


Here is an error where just the movement of the mouse, causes date/quote to increment steadily.

The sequence is:

  1. Loading ForexSimulator from scratch
    2.Delete the 3 default currencies (eur/usd, usd/jyp and gbp/usd in that order). Quote-window gets empty.
    3.Select eurusd (
    4.Select 1H timeframe
    5.Select random time/date
    6.Move the mouse over the graph. You should (hopefully) see quotes/dates changing fast.

It does not reproduce every time, but very often.

(By the way - how do I include a .mp4-file in this editor? Seemingly, I can only add .jpg images)


Thank you, Niels, will try to reproduce it tomorrow.

As for videos, I’m not sure that you can paste videos here but you can use something like Monosnap or SnagIt to shoot a video then share a link here.

Or, if you don’t want to bother with it, just send me a video via Telegram :slight_smile: