MACD outlook, drawings disappear after stepback from simulation, and order editing button


  1. Improve the MACD outlook! It would be perfect if it can look like below


  1. I made some drawings on the charts (4 different timeframes of same pair), and then I clicked on ‘step back’ button for the simulation, and all my drawings are gone.
  2. if i edit an order, a window pop up ,and the name of the button should be ‘edit order’ instead of ‘close order’

Also a little request: if you can add bitcoin, litecoin, eth historial data for simulation asap, that would be perfect.

Thanks you did a great job creating this software!

Welcome to the forum, forextrade88!

Thank you for the idea for MACD outlook.
As for other items, they act this way by design, it’s not a bug.
Here is why:

  1. Whenever you step back, your past drawings disappear.
    Do you really want see your “future” drawings in the past?
    The fact that you stepped back means that you have no information about the market you had in the future to make the same drawing again.
    I explicitly save all drawings with their date/times so that you will never be able to see drawings from the future on the charts.
    It’s a simulator, a training tool, not a child’s game.

The benefit of it is that you can see all your drawings in real time when you replay the simulation.
So, you not only see the end result, but all your ideas along the way as they occured.

  1. There is no “Edit order” button because the order gets edited immediately you change values, there is no need for an extra click.
    It’s a training tool and the speed of training is critically important here.
    If the cost of mistake is zero, I would better focus on making it run faster than getting extra clicks here and there.
    So, the only button you actually need to click is “Close the order” button.
    And, whenever you edit any order values, they get reflected immediately without any extra steps.