Hi Max,

I just tried to download a free 14 days trial but it is not allowing me to login. It says invalid password/e-mail and if I try to click “lost password” or “lost email” it gives me 3 options, Abort Retry … I lost my patience, if you do like this with all your customers, you will lose them.

Can you help?

Hello vali, and welcome to the forum!

Can you please send a screenshot?
You are the first one who complains about this problem and I feel that it’s something trivial here :slight_smile:

Hello vali,

I feel that I know what’s happened:
When you click on “reset password”, Forex Simulator tries to open your default browser with the password reset link.
And, if your antivirus blocks it from opening, it shows the exception with “retry, ignore, abort” buttons.

What you should do is to open the password reset link directly:

Best regards,