Laptop Installtion problems

I have installed the simulator on both PC and laptop. the laptop version does not show profit or loss value from time to time and it is the latest version

The second problem is that the view option is not available in it

Thank you Max

Hi Chuck,

The very first problem is not a bug and not even about the laptop: you just forgot to download required currency pairs. If you are trading EURJPY, you need EURUSD or USDJPY to calculate profit/loss in USD.

As for the second one, please send me a bigger screenshot.

As I received no screenshots since the last fix, I assume that the bug is no longer bothers you :slight_smile:
Please reopen this case if you still experience the problem.

Sorry for the late reply Max

I have shown it in the below screenshot

Thank you.
What happens when you switch to the compact mode?
View - Compact mode menu item.

It is the same in the compact mode as well

Please update to the most recent version manually and tell me if you see any difference.
I didn’t update the version number.

I updated the last version but it is still the same and the view option is not available yet

Please update to the most recent version using the direct download link, not the “Check for updates” button.
Then, after you update, hover the mouse over the button place and tell me if it’s just the image missing or the whole button.

Where can I find the direct download link Max? :slight_smile:

In your account:

Now only the image is missing but the button is activated

Please post me a screenshot.

This is how it looks now

Finally fixed!

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