Incompatible EA's

Hey, i have 2 very simple EA’s that work completely fine on MT4 but i had issues with getting them to work on forexsimulator… and basically what they do is draw horizontal levels at certain patterned price points.

After alot of effort i figured out that the reason they do not work is because “SetLevel” isn’t supported on the simulator it sets the level on the chart, but levels come on the chart in different model than in metatrader…
So i was wondering if this can be fixed and i know that won’t be until further down the line because this is probably not a big priority for the developers. But these 2 EA’s are going to be essential for me backtesting, i tried hiring a developer from Fiverr to edit both EA’s to make them compatible with the simulator but he wasn’t familiar with it and asked me what’s the equivalent of “setlevel” for the simulator and i had no idea.
So since the only people familiar and who can help me with this are the developers here, im here to ask if anyone knows what i can do to make the EA’s work. thanks!