Heavy duty on CPU

When you open more than 7 or 8 windows and the simulation starts, it puts a lot of demand on CPU

Is it already optimized for multiple windows simulation?

Thank you

Technically speaking, there is still a room for optimization but it’s not a priority now.
It’s not a bug because if I optimize it for 7-8 windows, somebody will open 70-80 of them and complain again :slight_smile:
It depends on the CPU and video card you have, the size of your monitor, the speed of the simulation, the number of open trades at a time etc.

Imagine opening 7-8 instances of the same PC game.
By opening multiple charts of multiple currencies at once you technically do the same because it increases the load correspondingly.

Let’s move it into the feature request section and mark it as a discussion until we get more feedback from other users.
I will continue to optimize the code from time to time but don’t expect it to handle unlimited number of windows, tickers and orders at the maximum speed without heavily loading the CPU :slight_smile:

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Hi Chuck,

Please update to the most recent version and tell if there is still a high load.
I did some optimizations but I’m not sure if they will work for you.

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Thank you MAX
I think it is much better and I need a graphic processor to handle this anyway :slight_smile:

You are not the only one who has some lags, so I will dedicate next several days for speed optimization, including hardware acceleration of it.

I’m close to a release of 4K video resolution support, then I will start polishing algorithms.

Did some internal optimization, got pretty good results.
Didn’t touch GPU yet, plan to do it tomorrow.

PS: Please turn on FPS display in settings and tell me your numbers. You will see them in the right bottom corner of the chart.

The number is changes between 10.1 to 12.5

What does it imply?

Thank you :slight_smile:

It’s a number of frames per second it can draw. The higher - the better.
In more simple words, it’s how many time per second it can redraw the whole chart.

It is now fluctuating between 14 and 16

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I see, then what is the normal range for optimal performance of simulator?

There is no “normal” range, it all depends on your hardware.
If we are talking about comfortable ranges:
Lower than 10 - almost unusable.
20-30 - can be used but with slight lags when drawing
30-60 - comfortable
Higher than 60 - real-time, as fast as video games

Until I develop GPU hardware optimization, everything is rendered on your CPU which means that the better is your processor, the faster charts you will get.
But, after I switch to GPU, it will be mostly dependent on the speed of your video card.

Thank you for detailed explanation Max


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I’ve just released an updated version with higher speed.
Please tell me how it affected your FPS.

I’ve just increased drawing speed by yet another 50-100%.
I’m getting 50-70 FPS and 7-11% CPU load at my 5-year-old PC which is more than enough by any measure.
Another user with a mobile Core i5 processor which initially got 2-5 FPS now reports 20 FPS.
So, I’m closing this case.

Please reopen it if you still feel uncomfortable.

The drawing objects has become quicker than before and no problem in this regard

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Yet another set of algorithm optimization. You will like it because it made Ichimoku draw much faster :slight_smile:

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Hello guys, did you manage to fix the FPS issue. I get like 3-4 fps on 1 minute chart everytime and it is hard to draw on the chart. I do not see my CPU to be under heavy load.