Future bare showing

When walking bar by bar, forward and backwards often two candles shows up at the same time, but the trade is placed on the opening on the second bar. So a future bar leaking through it seems:)

Using Alpari Pro ECN data on daily.

Thank you for the report, Pipstrel

Can you please make a screenshot next time you see that?
I need the exact point in time where it happens to find and fix the code.

Here’s a short video describing the phenomenon.
It’s also happening with renko bars.

The first minor bug I mention has to do with with timezones, not timeframes like I said.
The drop down menu isn’t visible on this video recording software, but you probably get the point.
I also wish there was an option for “New york close”, which is the time I always use, but that might
be up to the broker to have that as default time, since it probably requires summer time adjustments to
the graph. Not super important.

But the second bug is critical.

Future bar leaking

Thank you for the video, this time I was able to locate and fix the bug :slight_smile: