Economic calendar in the forex simulator

I think adding an economic calendar into the Forex simulator will be very helpful to traders and it makes the experience of using the Forex simulator that much better. So an idea would be to maybe have a toggle on the pair the trader is testing on where you can see the economic events that occured on that day in the past. To make this less cluttered I think you can add an option on the economic calendar where the trader can select what impact economic events should show on the chart. This ranges from low-medium and high impact economic data. Alternatively you can add the mini stickers that are on the metatrader software when you chose to show economic data on the chart. See pictures attached below)

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Welcome to the forum, Tshepiso!

Thank you for the idea.
Let’s leave it in the discussion mode for a while to collect other users’ feedback on it.

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Not a problem Max.

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It would be really useful option as some traders would stay out of the market during news release or the just manage their positions accordingly.

As a result their practice would be more similar to the real trading. But I have no idea how to add the news release to such huge amounts of data :slight_smile:

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Technically speaking, it’s not that hard. I just want to focus on the most important tasks first: indicators and data, then I will add news as well.

I spent last two days moving servers and optimizing them. It’s required for extending data sets, including news-related ones. I made it possible to add various data sets from the very beginning, they aren’t limited to quotes, they aren’t just added yet :slight_smile:

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Yeah it would be a great addition so that when you testing your method its consistent with how a trader would normally trade around economic data release.

I guess how it can be implemented is that economic data from 2016(earliest simulation date) till the latest available simulation data be converted to plain text and the dates on the economic calendar be linked to the simulation date a trader is testing on. Similar to how extract parts of data from numerous entries on Microsoft Access.

This one is really a must for price action traders. In my case I only look at the times of news releases and I dont trade 20 mins before news and place orders again 5 minutes after news, depending on the news. I only focus on medium to high impact news so it’s important to know the impacts as well: low, medium, high.

The simulator is way fast now, thanks for the updates Max!.

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Welcome to the forum, Diego!

Thank you for the great feedback :slight_smile:
Yes, I will develop news immediately after I finish indicators and add more data sets.
It’s already in my high-priority to-do list.

hi max ,thx u so much! ur software is even better than other similar - you know!

i also request to add this feature, like some small circle , icon with news at the bottom of the chart.

so when will you add it?

Hi, I just bought the license. I would like this feature to be added, as it is very necessary. The vast majority of tester / simulators have it.

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Welcome to the forum, hivauz!

I plan to add it immediately after I update the data and add indices/crypto.
I can’t predict the exact date but I can estimate that it will take about a month or less.

Hello mtschulnigg and welcome to the forum!

Thank you for the purchase!

I have just got back from vacation, finishing data update/indices, then I will add crypto, then news.
So, in short, it will take me about a month.

Hi Max,

The calendar news has already been added to the simulator?