Detailed Report not showing anything.

This is what my progress says:


This is what my detailed report shows:

I restarted the Simulator already and tried to resave it, wont fix it tho.

I’ve just finished moving to the new domain, please update to the most recent version and tell if this bug still exists.


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Hi I have noticed this issue also
I am using Microsoft Edge for windows 10.

However just tried again on Opera browsing and it seems to work perfectly.
Thought I would share this with you…

Also I want to understand what “profit factor/ expected payoff” means.

Thank you for the report, added to my to-do list.
But, taking into account that Edge market share is less than 5%, it’s not a priority :slight_smile:

As for profit factor and expected payoff, I recommend you to Google these terms.
If in short:

“The profit factor is defined as the gross profit divided by the gross loss (including commissions) for the entire trading period. This performance metric relates the amount of profit per unit of risk, with values greater than one indicating a profitable system.”

Expected payoff is how much you can expect to get from each of your trades on average.

What I currently use is Reports -> Orders.html, so you can avoid that issue completely.