Default TP/SL by Buy/Sell Stops


I real life you would set a TP/SL along with the Buy/Sell stops, because you wont necessarily be at the computer, when the position gets executed. The Buy/Sell Stop Window offers the posibility to set them - but I think there should be default values, maybe just taken from the ‘Instant Trade’ Window to the right of the screen.

Because I always replace them manually on the screen anyway, having them on the screen as the default would save me time.

An easiest way to achieve it is to edit suggested values in the drop-down list.
This way you can get them in a single click.
I’m not sure that having default values in the dialog is a good idea.

I am new in here, just buy the one month service. Forexsimulator is really useful for practicing trading. Adding buy stop/sell stop/buy limit/sell limit make it become better. Most of the time, traders will not use market orders, but use pending orders for entering the market as it can control the cost if the market is too volatile. Thx.