Corrupt database


As you see below, there is a sudden jump from year 2000 to 2009. First I deleted the 3 demo-pairs, switched to 1H mode and then went to a random date. After this I inserted Moving average(200).

Also the window to the left, showing downloaded currencies, only shows one currency pair, but there should be more than 10. For a week ago, I downloaded a handfull currencies from, which did show in the currency window - but without I switched back to a few days ago, and does not show.

Unfortunately I have no real clue why this could be so.

Though I am afraid this is not much of a help to you, I hope it does give some insight in what could be wrong.

Kind regards

Ps: Keep up your good work!

Hello Niels,

Welcome to the forum!

Please try to switch back to the default time zone and tell me if you see the difference. It seems to me that there is a problem with time zone converter.

Also please check if there is enough space on your hard drive.


I have always been using the default time zone, so I cant help there.

Assuming that the database was corrupt, I reinstalled the whole show from scratch again. Maybe this was a bit premature, because, swicthing to other timeframes did not show this corruption. And now any chance of reproducing this error has gone. I am sorry.

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Don’t be sorry, I’m happy that the problem is gone without my intervention :slight_smile:


I have more than 50 GB space free on the drive.

I feel that it may be a problem with caching, which may get fixed by relaunching the application or loading a new simulation. I’m not sure because I have no way to test it. Hope you will not get this problem again.

Though I cant confirm your theory for sure, it could be the case (!)

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Hi again

Now I can reproduce this apparent corrupt database.

My sequence is this:

  1. Load simulator from scratch
    2.Select eurusd (
    3.Select 1H.
    4.Select a random time/date. ( the quotes/dates sometimes did start auto-incrementing on this !!!)
    5.Scroll back to the beginning in time. Voila.



Another bug eats the dust.

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