CHFJPY pip values

CHFJPY showing incorrect pip values

51 pips profit on 1 Lot and showing 515 Pips.

Same goes for when you put SL and TP on the order.

Please tell me what data set are you using?, it has the longest history.

Thank you, now I see.
Here is how it works:
Data sources have different precision - the number of meaningful digits.
I name them “pps” - it’s not ‘pips’ and not ‘pipettes’ because their actual value will depend on the data source.
You get correct values here, you should just divide them by 100, not by 10 as for EURUSD, for example, to get pips.

Does it look correct now? :slight_smile:

I know that its 51 pips instead of 515 pips.

Im using for all of my pairs and none of them has that problem, so I thought its unusual and a bug, but if you cannot do anything about it, then fine. :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s all about source data, there is nothing specific about this currency pair in the code.
I want data to be consistent, so I don’t alter it.