advantage of Forex simulator over others: importing free data from forex simulator to forex tester 4

I feel sad because i found forex simulator later than i bought the forex tester. I purchased it back in 2017.
Wonder if forex simulator was available at that time?!

anyways… there is one huge advantage Forex simulator has over tester.

but since i already purchased tester, i still wanna make use of it. but their data is super costly…

so my question or feature request is:
**be able to download data in the format of *csv, txt, hst.

right now, forex simulator only allows some *data and *index format.

it would be great if the developer made the data available in csv/txt format as well

do you have such plans?

Hello @hivauz.

Thank you for the great feedback!
Unfortunately, I have no plans on adding data exporting capabilities into Forex Simulator.

Best regards,
Max Pastukhov