Adding Some Popular Custom Indicators

Max, based on your schedule when will you start adding some popular indicators to the software which are not available right now?

I’d be much grateful if you manage to add 3-4 indicators which are in metatrader format and need to be converted and they are popular and used.

Thank you so much

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I will start to develop automated mt4 indicator converter next week, immediately after I fix the remaining bugs.

It will take me 2-3 weeks total and I don’t want it to last longer because of me manually converting some particular indicators on request :slight_smile:

On the other hand, this converter thing don’t need to be perfect to do the work. When it’s “50% ready”, it means that it’s able to convert at least 50% of indicators people send me. The rest will still require some manual intervention but still not comparable to doing the same work from scratch.

I will start with adding a way to schedule indicator conversions, then I will announce it here, right in this thread. From that moment, the chance of getting back the converted indicator will increase with each passing day :slight_smile:

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what is the status on the tool I would say we are in multiples of 3 weeks by now. I am just curious to know that is all.