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Find the latest news about Forex Simulator and its author. Only moderators can post here but you are welcome to comment and ask questions.


Get support from the author and the community. Ask any questions on how to use the product or extend it with new reports and indicators. Please note that it’s always faster to get support via e-mail, Telegram or Skype if it’s something really urgent.

Bug Reports

Report bugs you discovered when using Forex Simulator. Please note that the more detailed is your description, the faster I can locate and fix the bug. The more screenshots and screencasts - the better. Please download and install Monosnap or SnagIt to take pictures and shoot video of your screen.

Feature Requests

Share your ideas on how to make Forex Simulator better. Don’t limit your creativity! Please create a new thread for every idea you get because it’s much easier to reference and discuss them this way.


For all talks not related to product support, bug reports or feature requests. I would personally prefer to discuss Ray Dalio, Daniel Kahneman and decision making in general